Advertising on Medicon

Medicon provides a truly unique and highly targeted advertising opportunity. 

Focusing on the needs of medical specialists attending the various national and international medical conferences around the world, Medicon Online updates and tracks over 3,700 meetings and provides a valued resource to help doctors plan, prepare for and attend their chosen conferences.

One of the major challenges facing today’s pharmaceutical sales and marketing effort directed at the medical profession is to effectively deliver brand messages within the framework and guidelines of the various regulatory codes. Medicon is available to doctors globally and is modified for individual countries in order to comply with each country's respective Code of Practice/Conduct.

With advertising options that range from sole sponsorship of specific medical specialties within one country, to syndicated packages where you share your advertising space with up to 3 other products on a rotating basis, there is a choice to suit all budgets. Your brand messages will achieve unparalleled reach and frequency. Equally important, representative access may also be increased through product delivery opportunities.

Whether your product is a pharmaceutical, a non prescription product or device, or even non medical products, you have access to a high value market with regular branding impacts throughout the year.

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